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Linking is difficult, and the only way to get traffic and visitors is no longer on the search engine results page, like Google. When we start SEO, it's not easy to build a link. Writing the right emails is hard and we have little experience in writing quality content. So, it's best to concentrate on things that can be more easily achieved. Although off-site actions, such as linking, have a heavier performance than in-page actions on Google's search engine results, today's webmasters and SEOs have many levers to attract visitors and increase traffic from search engines, even without making them. Qualitative links. For experienced webmasters, many of these levers are automated, but even the most optimal websites have the potential to targeted traffic and improve and increase real traffic, at least one or more of the following can be optimized for each website:


Can you increase your Google ranking by improving the user experience on the site? The answer to this question is always positive. The experience of webmasters and experts suggests that user satisfaction affects Google website rankings. We know that Google's Panda algorithm penalizes poor quality websites. We also know that Google is likely to measure users' satisfaction through the number of clicks in the browser search results. One of the world's largest webmasters writes "... Google can see the satisfaction of users ... The best indication of satisfaction is the frequent clicks of users. When users log on to an ordered page and its link appears at the top of the search engine results page, this page has included user satisfaction. " This idea is called pogo sticking or return to the search engine's search-return (return-to-SERP), and if you can reduce that score by satisfying users of the site (or at least users of your site to answer questions to Google and other pages Google will reward you with a higher ranking in Google search results.
Satisfaction of users and their role in Google rankings

In the SEO Strategy it is said:

"If you have enough links to rank in one of the top five Google search page pages, you'll have enough links to rank 1st." Although there is not enough evidence of direct use of Google's search results for pan-Google's search results, there is enough evidence of registration, interviewing, and analyzing this, which makes us believe that this is a consequence of today's SEO.


Google is constantly expanding the rich snippet that it displays in search results, including events, songs, videos, and even witches. The idea of structural data was first launched in 2011 and quickly dominated the web structure. If you've just started your website, it's best to read the guide to creating rich snippets. Two interesting types of markers that increase website clicks are markup video and authoring, although the author's marker these days are not used to rank the search engine.


According to the MOZ Cast Feature Graph, nearly 7% of Google's search results are based on comprehensive articles. While this figure does not look very large, but when the article takes quality score, it can drive dramatic traffic to the website. A good, qualitative and unique article can increase up to 10% of website traffic.

Writing qualitative and rich articles
By adding a few signals to your article's HTML, your article and content will appear as a result of Google search. These signal indicators recommended by Google include:

•Markers (paper) - (can be markers News Article used)
•Pagination and focalization of site links
•Site Logo Indicator
•First Free Being Rule - For Monetary Content
Although Google is increasingly looking for comprehensive articles on news sites, most sites that publish comprehensive content will appear on Google's search engine.


Pixel to pixel, video snippets appear sooner than any other snippet as a result of search engine searches, even author images. Studies have shown that the visitor's eye immediately focuses on the video.

The role of the video in increasing the site rank

Unlike other snippets, Video snippets are easier to view and do not need to be connected to the Google Plus account. This type of snippet usually requires an XML schema and marker. Simply put, third-party services do the technical issues of video publishing. Using the marker and the XML sitemap, you can specify the video thumbnail size that appears as a result of the search engine. Since the size and video thumbnail of the video affects the number of clicks that it captures.

5- Writing for Google

Google is no longer using Google to write these days, but this section has also been translated because of the incompleteness of the article and respect for trust in translation. Viewing the author's photo in Google's search results is not a guarantee for a click but having the right photo will help you get a few clicks in different search engines. These images must have specific characteristics, although these features have not been officially released: use of your photo instead of Gravatar and photographs of objects or company logo, icons or cartoons, use of contrast colors, target audience (for example, photographs Suitable for kids for cartoon and childish content).


Improving site speed, in addition to increasing visitor satisfaction (point 1), raises site rank in search engine search results. In fact, the speed of the site is one of the ranking factors that Google itself has confirmed. One of the important things we learned this year was that the actual upload speed of the site may not be the important first byte to be loaded. The first byte is loaded the same time it takes the server to respond to the first upload request.

Website loading speed

Although the loading speed of the site pages is important on PCs and desktops, Google does more to speed uploading the site on the mobile. Think of the time you were waiting for a site to load on your phone with a slow Internet connection. Optimizing site pages is important for loading faster on mobile devices, and it improves Google's ranking and site search. You can use the Google Web Designer Corner to guide and train web site optimization for mobile devices.


Apart from the speed of the site, if the website is not configured for smartphones well, Google will lower its mobile search rank. Yet another way to target your desired audience when you buy mobile traffic ... you select your geographies and categories, and then sit back and watch the traffic roll in. It's fully trackable, and with a reputable supplier like us, it's completely safe. Catch new customers on the go! Google has argued that the site loading error on smartphones may result in lower mobile site rankings.


•Guidance (Referrer) Visitors to the wrong mobile URL.
•Inserting a video that does not run on certain mobile phones (like flash video on iPhone)
•The pop-up window that hardly closes on a mobile screen
•Button or font that is too small for a mobile device
Google has recommended that you design your site, but many of the world's leading brands, like Apple, do not have a site-specific platform. Regardless of whether the mobile experience is good for users.


Does your website have contact from countries other than your own? International experts believe that having an international audience with specific languages and specific countries facilitates SEO, while a monolingual website for a country will make SEO and site promotion efforts hard.
Often, the chance of appearing in international search results is greater than local and national, and sometimes less competition. So, it's worth the cost and energy, if your site is multi-lingual and international.


When you share your content on Facebook or Twitter, your network basically sees it like Facebook or Twitter. On the other hand, when you share your content on Google Plus, your network can see your content every time Google search and do not have to be on your Google+ page. The easiest way to take advantage of this is to expand your community on Google Plus and regularly publish good quality content on Google Plus. In addition, Google Plus subscriptions often get a good ranking in Google's common search results and will be visible to anyone who searches.


This goes back to meta tag and tag optimization, but it's a good thing to keep in mind. Over the past two years, Google has changed the maximum length of snippets and tags, so that the snippet is no longer dependent on the number of letters but depends on the number of pixels used and generally should be about 500 pixels long. This issue is still changing, as Google tests new layouts. Since it's hard to set 500 pixels when writing a title, it's best to set the title for your title between 60-80 letters.

Google has also updated its recommendations on meta description and recommended that using a repeat meta description is not a good idea. Matthew Cut of Google says: If you cannot create an exclusive meta description for each of your content, it's better not to write a meta description and leave it blank.


A website that no longer receives a new link will usually lose its position in Google's search results. Also, if the new content is not added to the website and the old pages become obsolete, it still has a negative impact on the site's ranking on Google search. Refresh site content is not guaranteed to improve the site's ranking, but it will certainly prevent the decline of the previous rank. Google calculates a fresh score based on several criteria, including:

•Date of the first publication
•Content (%) modified content in update
•Content update times
•Number of new pages created over time
Change the content with the site's value (such as the front page) against non-essential content (such as links to the font)


The factors listed above seem to be effective in the search results. But issues such as indexing, crashing, link focalization, dubbing content, site structure and architecture, keyword searches, internal links, image optimization, and more than 1,000 other items can raise the rank as high as the mountain.

SEO Site Pages

The technical task of technical issues becomes more complex each year, but opportunities are much greater today. Simply think about new SEO issues, SEO is easy if done with the program and from the base. The fact of the matter is that having a website means continuous and creative work. The well-kept secret of many successful businesses is that they supplement their sales and marketing efforts with targeted website traffic.  Join the countless businesses that know that website traffic can help them increase their visibility in the marketplace and ultimately, helps them to increase market share. If you have any questions, please contact us.
Beginner Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

In the past, it was common to learn in books and magazines, but recently there has been an increase in blogs and video content that can be viewed for free. However, as with any profession, the knowledge learned from so-called "textbooks" alone makes you feel the wall at some point. It is only after launching a home page that the feedback "This time was good," and "It is better to improve it because it was not good" is generated. This time, I will introduce design mistakes and improvement points that Web design beginners often make. You can avoid these mistakes by understanding in advance the mistakes that you make when learning web design.

1. I am ignoring the user

The very first to be must be considered when you are learning Web design "or design for who is this design?" Is that. In fact, the design will often start from what you want to express, but even then, it is not good to design without the user. It is a different story if it is a website that everyone knows every day, such as Google and YouTube websites, but many websites come from searches and links posted on other sites. There may be more targeted web traffic. In that case, the page as soon as look at, what to page or the user it is important that you can understand immediately. If you look at a page and wonder at a home page, you cannot read it further. Navigation, even if is not intuitive, user home page because it feels it is difficult to image the structure of the whole, will be the cause of the departure from the same home pages. You can solve this problem by providing a link that shows the user 's current location and makes it clear to navigate to another page. 

2. I do not know what to do with the page

Be adopted no matter how sophisticated and have been a cool modern design, then what the hell page If you do not know whether such, users will get immediately removed from the home page. It is very important to be able to quickly understand the content in First View.
For that page is what page to clarify whether such is, for example, to combine elements such as the following is the easiest. These can be put into practice immediately.
If you use these elements to know what the page is for and what you are trying to say, it's likely that users will be able to read it.

3. White light

When creating a large-scale home page, there are times when the writing part and the web design are divided, but you think that it decides also at the time of design such as putting the explanation part of the product here using dummy text, etc. For example, when you try to post a web service introduction on a page, it will be difficult for the user to read if the letters from top to bottom are written.
Is the page easy to read? For that, let's check the following items. Of note is the difference in appearance between desktop and mobile screens. On the desktop screen, there is width, so even long sentences may not bother you, but on a mobile screen the width will be smaller, so there will be a lot of text wrapping. This can make it difficult to read, so it is better to break the long sentences on the writer side as much as possible.

4. Make it complicated

Complex and confusing websites are the most hated by users. There are some steps before membership registration, and it is difficult to find the inquiry page. The word “buy traffic” is one of the sayings that you want to keep in mind in your site design.
Buy traffic is the initial of the word "Keep It Super Simple" (it should be super simple) , and even if it is a simple design, it will be seen for the first time visitors of the site, so it is more than you thought It is a word that everyone in the designer wants to know. If it is simple, it will help you understand the structure. With intuitive navigation, header, content area, and footer location, users start browsing the site trying to find the information they want. To keep things simple, it's important to let the user have a choice without stuffing unnecessary content and stuffing too much. 

5. Too stuffed

When you do paper prototyping (how to make a design comp with a blank paper) at a school that learns web design, it seems that at first, most of them try to pack content in the full screen. But such a design is not simple. By providing appropriate white space between lines, letters, and elements, you can reduce the burden on the user and allow room for “breathing”.
Of course, the more margins you provide, the more information you can see at one time, so design beginners tend to dislike having them. However, the page view for the first time the user for the page while Yamagishi the, content to recognize a break eye area and then trying to figure out a group of information. By separating the information with blank spaces, it is possible to avoid the complexity of the structure, and by visually providing a hierarchical structure with indents, etc., it becomes easy to identify the relationship between the contents. 

6. Rely on PR tags

The PR tag that means a line break is an abbreviation for Break, more precisely, a word that means Line Break. The PR tag, as the word implies, has the role of forcing a line break where the long text has become long. However, what is often done when learning web design is to place objects using PR tags, even if they are not text. What I want to be aware of when creating a home page is to make pages that are easy for users to understand, but also to write code that is easy for search engines to understand. With correct markup, the search engine can also evaluate the content.  Starting with HTML5, coding can be done more semantically (while maintaining the sentence structure). Let's leave the layout to CSS as much as possible and make markup as simple as structurally possible.

7. Rely on the explanation

It is also one of the big reasons to rely on the explanation that it makes sloppy, redundant sentences, and stuffing information too much.
It is better to make the page simpler and clearer if it is necessary to minimize the reliance on text information. To do so, check the following points. In addition, a clear and consistent structure makes the rules and rules clearer and allows users to intuitively roam the site without requiring too long a description.


When I first learned Web design, the idea of "I would like to do something more like this" is buzzing on my own, but some of them are far from real user needs. Sales lagging a little this Spring. No worries! Buy website traffic as quick, easy and safe jump start to help ensure you reach your goals! The key is driving prospective customers to your website or blog. Make sure you have a relevant offer/fresh messaging awaiting them, and you can help to ensure a solid conversion rate If you understand the mistakes that designers tend to make in advance, you will try to avoid them consciously, so it will be worthwhile to remember the seven points this time.
General Discussion / How can I generate website traffic with $0 marketing budget?
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Website traffic is a live stream of online businesses. Starting an online business is starting to increase traffic to the site. Of course, the conversion rate is also important. But if you do not find a way to attract the attention of the audience to your website pages, the increase in conversion rates on the website is the last issue you will think about. We all know that it can be increased by paying for traffic. But, of course, money laundering techniques are not the only ways to increase targeted web traffic. The fact is that natural traffic has ten to thirteen times higher traffic costs than a traffic charge. It's obvious that when users search the site and products or services for their natural search in Google. There is a lot of incentive to buy. Why? Because everyone knows when Google confirms you. The product you offer is good. Regardless of whether your focus is on getting normal traffic or receiving traffic by paying, the truth is that knowing how to make profitable traffic is just getting half the battle. In the next section, your fight will be on the maintenance of this traffic.

Increase Website Traffic

Before you do anything, you need to make sure that the results of your activities are properly tracked and analyzed. You cannot raise your site traffic without knowing where to start with to increase your website traffic. To track all the marketing processes done on the site, these three tools should be installed.

• Google analytics google analytics
• Google console google search console
• AMP Analytics

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages Project. AMP is a site design platform for smartphones that helps reduce page loads by increasing the speed of loading pages for mobile, and since the platform changes the code pages, it cannot be analyzed with the usual tools for analyzing the site and requires a tool Exclusively for analysis. After you make sure all these tools are installed correctly, your landing pages and sessions (Session) are the numbers of times users log in to a page, plus the length of time users stay on the site and the activities that are performed on the site. Tracking). By tracking these items, you can be sure that the number of respondents visited the site in real terms, and which pages were visited on those views. The Google console allows you to find the keywords that each of these views is dependent on. Also, the number of times your site is displayed with that keyword and also reports the number of times users clicked on the keyword search for your site's link.

Ways to increase site traffic

1. Optimization for search engines

SEO is one of the most important ways to increase traffic to your site. But one should not forget that SEO is not a quick way to increase traffic. So, it's very logical to pay attention to advertising within a certain time period to increase traffic to the site while doing SEO. By using these two methods simultaneously, you can attract significant traffic to your website. The point to be reminded about SEO is that the SEO will help ten to thirteen times more money than the site's conversion rates. In addition, SEO is completely free. If you want, you can do all your SEO activities at no cost. Due to the timeliness of SEO and the urgent need to have the expertise to implement the principle of a site, you can submit your site to expert SEO experts.

2- Guest blogging

Guest blogging is one of the ways to increase the traffic of a website. If you are a guest blogger on a site. You will also have healthy traffic through that site. If you are satisfied with websites and blogs in your industry and business to enter the guest blog, the process of increasing site traffic will be improved. Of course, the satisfaction of a professional blog to enter a guest blog is not so easy. But of course, when you find a blog related to the content of your site for guest blogging, the traffic received from it will be worth all the hardships you have drawn.

3. Instagram traffic

Advertising on Instagram is one of the great ways to increase traffic to the site. But keep in mind that the only way to advertise on Instagram is by using # hashtag. So, when sending photos to Instagram, be sure to use hashtags to advertise. You can also use the hashtag when contacting other users on Instagram. Spend time to write a comment or message on your business-related photos that have high feedback. The point to be considered when advertising on Instagram is that you should not include a promotional message on all your photos and posts. The ratio of three to one is a good ratio for inserting ads on Instagram. That is, to create only one promotional post for all three useful postings on Instagram.

4- Using the telegram

Currently, the Telegraph is one of the most popular chat software on mobile in the USA, and many businesses use it to promote the site and increase traffic to the site or even sell their product. The point to note is that brands never offer their products directly in such software. So, you need to choose between staying through your website promotion or direct selling the goods in this software.

5. Facebook and Google Plus and use their promotional features

Facebook insists that Facebook users know each other, and its strict security measures reduce the popularity of this social network in the USA, a substitute that can be introduced to Facebook in the USA. Of course, it should be noted that any business chooses the appropriate social network according to its potential audience size. So, if your product and service audiences are more active on Facebook, you can advertise your website with the help of the Page Creation Tool and the Ads on these pages and groups. Of course, in this case, the production of valuable content for users along with advertising content should not be forgotten. In the case of Google Plus, you can also use tools such as Communities (such as the Facebook group) and Collection (like the Facebook page) to advertise. Remember, none of these social networks can spam. So, it's best to find users interested in your product and services and give them their own ads. This will increase the likelihood of increasing traffic to the site.

6- Publishing an article in LinkedIn

The LinkedIn social network can be used to attract the audience to a specific topic. LinkedIn is a reputable and well-resourced social network. If you generate the right content for the potential audience in LinkedIn, the increase in your site traffic will be certain. Use the keywords long and relevant to what your brand potential consumer will look for to generate articles.

7- a Paid ad

One of the obvious ways to increase traffic to the site is to buy traffic and use money advertising. You can easily pay a lot of traffic to your site. But if you 're paying for YouTube ads for Google ads, Google ads , you must make sure that there are paths designed to buy users on the site ( Google Analytics has a tool called Conversion Funnels that lets you track the paths that users are in. Inspect and analyze the site to make a purchase or to reach the site's goals) are fully customizable and these ads will bring you high bid rates. Otherwise, the huge cost of these ads has been discounted. The reason we asked you to install analytics tools on your site before doing any traffic to increase your site traffic was because of this. It should be ensured that the landing pages (users' pages refer to them from advertising links) and the paths that lead to shopping on the site are working properly. In this way, we can ensure that traffic attracted to the site will lead to an increase in the number of loyal customers and customers. Without this step, the money and money spent on increasing the traffic of the site are wasted.

8. Publish the article on Medium

Size Medium is a famous and reputable site that users can easily access it. Due to the popularity of this social network, it is possible to add traffic to the site by inserting an advertisement into it and introducing its business to potential audiences on this social network. Create valuable articles on this site. Try to attract potential audiences to your website by producing educational articles.

9. Slide production for SlideShare site

SlideShare is another site that you can use to increase your site traffic. Using this site is completely free. In addition, if you create extraordinary slides. Your slides can be unlimited. What kind of slides should you produce? PowerPoint software slides are used on this site. Create shareable content. Make sure your audience likes this content and, of course, do not forget to link to your site.

10- Requiring YouTube videos

YouTube is a powerful video sharing site. We all know that the audience of this site is very large. Of course, given the audience's size, YouTube's site (as the world's second-most-searched search engine after Google), it's possible to generate site-specific content related to its brand service. American video sharing sites like theater have provided similar facilities for inserting educational videos or inserting ads into high-end videos. According to Alexa's site statistics, the number of visitors to the YouTube site in the USA is ranked second after Google. Therefore, it is very wise that, given the sanctions imposed on the USA and the impossibility of placing advertisements on YouTube, instead of using the site.

11. Webinar Production

Webinar platform the webinar is a very powerful platform and the platform's power is not only capable of generating traffic to the website. But it is also capable of generating high income. No matter what kind of merchandise you sell. You can create millions of buyers for as long as you can follow the correct formula for creating a webinar.

12. Using the Tripwires method

Tripwires were first introduced by Perry Belcher, one of the founders of the Digital Marketer site. In this way, the suggestion was to put the item in the showcase at a very low price of $ 7 to $ 37. This can be down to $ 1. Then, by attracting the audience to the site, he also introduces and offers more expensive goods and try to increase the user's purchase of the site step by step. Using this method to attract users to the site is much easier than introducing our most expensive goods first to users.

13. Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing tools in the digital world. Targeted email marketing can be used directly to earn online revenue or direct users to the pages you are looking for. Different sites have different ways to get email lists from trained people, using email list broker methods to request email addresses in the buying process from the site. Keep in mind that in modern marketing, marketing will only work if an audience is interested in your goods and services, and advertisements for users who are not the potential consumers of your product will severely damage your marketing.
General Discussion / What is a unique way to get website traffic?
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1. Offer free shipping service

The offer of free shipping is one of the best ways to increase traffic to any site. The point of using this method is that the users who log in to this site are buyers of your product. The existence of a free service gives users a very high incentive to buy traffic. This has been proven in many marketing studies. Many products can be used to increase sales volume with this marketing method. From booksellers to furniture sales websites, they can use this method to increase their buyers.

2. Sponsoring a Marketing Conference

To increase traffic to the site and to attract more attention to your website and business, sponsor a marketing conference. This method is very effective in attracting the potential audience as quickly as possible, and by providing you with the opportunity to meet market leaders, you can try to attract them to participate in developing some of their business capabilities.

3-Marketing Influence

Influence Marketing is one of the most influential marketing methods in which social networking enthusiasts, such as those with a lot of followers or actors and footballers, are used to convey a marketing message. This method is very fast. The use of this method involves the payment of fees, which, due to the high volume of the relevant audience sent to the site, will also have a high sales volume for the site.

4. Create attractive elements

From book to the checklist to cheat codes, or even free trial software and beyond can be suggested as attractive elements to the audience. It's an option that generates valuable content and, along with that, tells the audience of the product you sell, it's a great benefit that should not be underestimated. Attractive elements should be used within 15 to 30 minutes.

5. Broken Links Strategy

On Wikipedia, find the broken links and edit it with a link to one of your site's pages. Using this method is not so simple. You should search Wikipedia for articles related to your goods and services that have broken links, and there is no guarantee that Wikipedia will use your links. But if this is done, it can drive high traffic to your site.

6. Use Quora to answer any queries to increase website traffic

Site Quora many users. This wide-ranging audience can help increase your site traffic. Enter the Quora site and follow the questions about your brand and product. Answer the questions and create a link to the page at the end of the answer with an attractive text.

7. Activity on Reddit

Reddit is another popular platform that is widely used on the web. With the help of this platform, you can generate a marketing message for your potential audience. Remember to not spam advertising, and at the beginning of your activity only generate useful and non-promotional content related to your branded product and do not start advertising on this site immediately after it begins to work.

8. Update the old content of the site
Some articles are used out of time. One must find a way to add these expired articles to the site's cycle of articles. Doing so is not so difficult. Given the fact that this will raise the old pages rank again on Google, the traffic generated by this method will be quite tangible.

9. Infographic production

Infographics are used to increase the awareness of users of the activities of a business. The infographic advantage is the rapid transfer of information. The production of an infographic based on studies about the industrial branch of your activities and its subscription can help increase the traffic of the site. Get help from a powerful designer to create an infographic and give great importance to the quality of the design. A fitted infographic cannot have a beneficial effect on your business.

10- Make studies about your brand industry and share it with others
Read about the industry in the area you are working on and make surveys on related issues. Then share this information. Try to get statistics about the factors affecting your business. If you need help, get help from reputable marketing companies. Then share them with others after making these statistics.

11. Increase website loading speed

Web speed is one of the factors maintaining communication between the user and the website. To find out about the speed of the site, find a quality CDN content distribution network and host your site. Many companies in the USA today offer content distribution network services. But it should be noted that, given the USA, foreign servers providing these services cannot be in the USA, and Americans companies in most European and American countries do not have the possibility of having a server. Therefore, the content distribution network in the USA will only raise the speed of the site for the USA users. In addition to transferring a site to a content distribution network, it is possible to find and fix problems at the site loading speed by optimizing the site's images and using tools to analyze the factors affecting the loading speed of the site, such as SEMrush.

12. Optimization for mobile phones

Google today follows the index of indexing sites that are first optimized for mobile. Meanwhile, targeted mobile traffic is so important for google because the number of users who use computers to visit websites decreases and increases the number of mobile users of websites. If you do not optimize your website for mobile, you will lose a significant portion of your users.

13. Use re-target targeting with the Pixel method

One of the methods of advertising on the site is the use of typical banner ads or typical banner ads, and another way is to use banner ads that can target a site's previous audiences or targeting ads. In the targeting method again, the site's visitor adds a Java code to its browser when it comes to the site, which is referred to as a pixel or cookie code. When the user returns to the site, the ad displayed to him will vary based on this code. This difference can be seen on the page where the user views the ad, or its content is advertised.

14- Create a blog on your site

If you do not have blogs on your site, add a blog to your site quickly. Blogs will increase the value of your site and add to the amount of traffic your site adds. Remember that blog content needs to be updated regularly, and a blog that crashes in content is often worthless.

15- Paid advertising:

Monetary advertising is a way to increase targeted web traffic. You can pay for ads on Google, YouTube, etc. to advertise. But be careful that these ads are principled and increase your purchase rates.

General Discussion / Alexa Ranking With 10 Practical Tips
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Decrease Alexa Rank with 10 Practical Tips

One way to check the site traffic is to use the Alexa tool. Increasing Targeted website Traffic to the site has several strategies that can be used to adhere to the SEO principles   and use Google Ad Words’. In this article, we introduce you with 10 pointers to reduce the Alexa Ranking of the website.

What is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa is a product of Amazon that maintains the ranking of websites in accordance with their performance. The daily web site traffic and traffic entering it at the Ranking Alexa Rank will be decisive.
The most important part of the Alexa Ranking is that it gives more value to the traffic generated by a search from a website. This means that when your visitors install Alexa on their browser toolbar and visit your site, your website's ranking will increase.

Important Tips to Improve the Alexa Rank

-Write quality content
As you know, content creation is the most important part of your website. If you use non-repetitive content and suggestions for any website, Alexa Ranking will certainly improve.

Use unique and unique content = Improvement of search engine rankings = Improvement of Alexa Ranking
In fact, the search engine likes the unique content of their websites and suggestions. If your content is unique, your search engine's ranking will improve and if Alexa's search engine ranking is improved, Alexa also improves.

Install the Alexa toolbar

Install the Alexa Toolbar is the best way to improve your Alexa Ranking, since all website visitors will be affected by your website. This includes a pop-up blocker, a search engine box, a link to amazon. com, and information on the recent Alexa Ranking.
Use the Alexa widget
This is one of the most important widgets for your website or blog. If you use this widget, Alexa Ranking will improve at a great rate. Each click on this widget will be calculated and will increase your ranking.

Posting content

The most useful and most important part of posting content, so you get more and more search engine traffic that can help you easily improve Alexa Ranking. Here is a good backup link that means "Follow" support links.
Increase links to "Follow me" = Increase PR
Increasing PR = The website is enough to sponsor, affiliate marketing, and so on.
Social networking

In fact, social networking will make more visitors come to your website, and Alexa Ranking will improve as a result of the increased number of visitors. There are several types of social networking sites that help you get more visitors:
•   Delicious
•   News vine
So, if you have an empty time, you must do this.

Send blogs or websites to search engines and directories

The blog's index stores the website and the online journal's intentions, which are shown with a distinct class. Once your website is approved with a catalog, you can get a branded web page. This will allow your site to shake itself and use it in the context of your internal communications.

Validate your website

You need to validate your website at Alexa. com to make look trustworthy.
There are several plugins that validate your website. Some of them are:
•   Claim Alexa
•   Alexa Claim & Verify
Create a Personalization Toolbar using Alexa Toolbar Creator
It helps you connect with your customers and send more traffic to your website. Everyone will be able to build their Alexa personalization toolbar and upgrade your website with it. According to this rate, your website will also increase.

Increase search traffic on your website

Targeted Organic Traffic will improve as search engine traffic grows. If your website is on the first page of the search engine, you can get more and more search engine traffic, and that's why Alexa Ranking is increasing.

Non-Suzie Notes
•   Coherent Blogging
•   Encourage visitors to share your site
•   Guest Bugging
•   List of your website directories

SEO tips
•   Use proper keywords. Use keywords from your title page and description, description, domain name (in the SEO page).
•   Use ALT tags in images and links
•   Use Anchor tags
•   Find keywords and use it in meta title
•   Perform internal and external optimization
•   Good links to get your site ranked high on search engines.
•   Get paid traffic with Google AdWords’ or Microsoft Ed Centre

-The most important points and last point

I express this point on my own experience. I recommend that you install the Alexa widget or toolbar on all your computer's browsers if you have multiple computers and set your own website as the default website among all of them. If you can stream your content on the social network, see Alexa Ranking change weekly to week.

A good Alexa ranking can transform the market perception of your business. Don't let your business be judged based on a poor Alexa ranking.  Even if you are starting from zero, Buy Alexa traffic today and see a difference quickly and increase your site's Alexa Ranking is the result of active searches on your site. Actions that use the Alexa toolbar are a very important criterion. There is no immediate connection between the placing of SERP and the placement of Alexa on your site. This connection depends only on the amount of activity. When your site is legally in the SERP results, activity will increase and will bring Alexa better place. The better Alex's place is, the site becomes more prominent. The more straightforward the site is, the more visitors will go, which will further support Alexa's position.
General Discussion / kate spade sale nordstrom rack kate spade march 2016
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Taken jointly, we're certain the mentor design can accomplish yet one more yr of stable earnings progress, pushed by favourable very similar retail store profits globally, progress in wholesale and confined new retailer distribution, mostly in china, while we go on to boost retail outlet footprint in north the us and japan. I might now wish to modify it over to anna bakst to talk about kate spade. Thanks, josh, and hi there, everybody. It can be very good to be on my very first tapestry earnings contact and with excellent outcomes to talk to. At kate spade, the helpful integration on to the tapestry platform continued kate spade outlet sales as we achieved the focused synergies of $45 million for that calendar year.
Hello my kate spade bag sale pradas appeared yesterday and i appreciate them numerous thanks a great deal, i will unquestionably be proposing your site to all or any my pals and purchasing along with you again myself. Regards find out a lot more testimonials. Your site appears attractive and straightforward to navigate. Your corporation is outwardly authentic and offers the shopper reassurance record your handle and telephone # moreover e mail. Needless to state i have not made an effort to call. To look at how quicly you react while in addition to haven't recieved my acquire so all that stays to generally be seen. But did not see any poor viewpoints about your web page so almost everything seems to check out which you arent'scammers.
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Buy other cheap kate spade bags, please go to url:
Today's online businesses need to have a strong content strategy, after designing their website to start optimizing their site. The first and foremost step in implementing this strategy is to find keywords on the site. This article will introduce you to the best tools for finding a website's keyword in 2019.
The basis of SEO is based on keywords searched. In the next step, factors such as page optimization, quality of content, user experience of the site (UX), user intent and purpose, and several other factors are important. The keywords that you choose for a site are important for the success of the site in optimizing search engines (SEO). Choosing the right keywords is not always easy. You need a lot of information to help you understand that a keyword is useful to you. If you are not familiar with the keyword finder tool. We'll continue to help you better understand the basics. It's important to find keywords using different tools so far, Many companies invest thousands of dollars in search of their site keywords. Fortunately, there are many tools that help you figure out which keywords are best for your website strategy.

There are often two types of keyword research tools:

1.   Mother Keyword Search: Use the Keyword Moment to find a helpful keyword. For example, the maternal group: website traffic and useful keywords: website traffic, Buy Traffic,Buy website Traffic and ...
2.   Search for competitive keywords: Find keywords that help other sites manage traffic.
Finding the keywords that compete on it is more (competitive words) more effective because the purpose of research on keywords is to find profitable keywords. Now, all you must do is create a page to put the keywords we have found and use them. In this guide, we cover both types of keywords. Most of these keyword search tools work for a fee, and only a few are free. The list of tools listed below is:
•   Google Keyword Planner
•   SEMRUSH (This link works for $ 199)
•   Ahrefs ($ 7 for a 7-day payment)
•   LongTailPro
•   KWFinder
•   SpyFU
•   SERPStat
Best Keyword Search Tools for SEO in 2019:

1- Google Keyword Planner
The Google Keyword Planner tool is one of the popular and key tools for finding keywords on the site. The only reason it's a popular tool is its free and integrated directly with Google AdWords. To use this tool, you need to have an AdWords account (you can create it for free, but you have to charge it to use this account). One of the features of the Keyword Planner is that its exact information on Google (the largest engine Search) is the result of the search results of these words in Google. One of the limitations of this tool is that the search volume does not display the keyword you want in other search engines. This tool is one of the good and key tools for starting and creating SEO and content strategies.
To use the Google Keyboard Planner tool, refer to this link .

The simplest tool is to find keywords for a SEMRUSH blogger. Unlike other tools in which you need to add a parent keyword group, you can start your own research (you just have to add your URL or enter the URL of your opponent), then all the keywords that are ranked for that site. This will allow you to select the longer and shorter keywords for the keyword you want. For example: Motherboard keyword: Buy long-tail hosting: Buy a Linux host, buy a Windows host and ... short-tail.
You can see detailed details about traffic statistics, search engine reporting, ADSENCE CPC, and many other details you need to manage your campaigns in the SEMRUSH tool .
To access the SEMRUSH tool, refer to this link .

3- Ahref
Ahrefs is one of the most popular tools for finding keywords on the site. The article about Ahrefs is noteworthy, its finer details, especially about keywords. Ahrefs uses clickstream information to show how many clicks the search engine has crawled. Using this information in our knowledge charts helps us greatly because it shows that some words have a lot of traffic, but the number of clicks from the search engine is very low. The reason is that people can get answers to some of their questions directly from search results. Search for celebrities for example.
To access the Ahrefs tool, refer to this link .

4- LongTailPro
LongTailPro is a cloud-based software for research and finding keywords and one of the most popular tools in this list. This software is a cost-effective research tool that can help you search keywords for specific sites and proprietary products. With the "platinum" version, you can get detailed and detailed analyzes for various keywords. There is also a very practical tool for researching rivals that can be very important in selecting keywords.
To access the LongTailPro tool, refer to this link .

5- KWfinder
If you are looking for a completely dedicated tool to search for keywords, KWFinder is the best option for you. This tool has recently joined the market with a very rapid growth in SEO. KWFinder helps you find keywords for targeted traffic guidance. Using keyword-based questions, you can quickly find the keywords you want. KWFinder offers both free plans and costly plans. For most users, the basic plan (the plan you must pay for it) is more appropriate. However, use the free account to see the effectiveness of the KWFinder tool.
To access the KWFinder tool, refer to this link .

6- SpyFu
SpyFu is one of the best SEO software on the market. If you are trying to analyze your site and want to beat your rivals, this tool is very useful and useful.
What you need to know about SpyFu:
SpyFu is very useful for two important reasons.

•Increasing your knowledge of the recognition of targeted keywords and competitive keyword competitive keywords
•Discover emerging markets or markets that have not yet arrived.
SpyFu has several modules.
•Web site comparison module
•Keyword History Module
•Domain History Module
•Related keyword module
Compared to some rivals, the program does not have very deep vocabulary, and it can be said more limited, although this is improving. Meanwhile, the information is updated monthly and is not real-time.
SpyFu offers are in two ways, the initial pricing plan and the agency's plan.
Initial designs
$ 79 and $ 99 a month (if you buy a one-year course, you'll get more than 40% off)
Agency plan
$ 999 per month. SpyFu is a comprehensive SEO product. It can be useful for researching competitors as well as finding new markets.
To access the SpyFu tool, refer to this link .

7- Serpstat
Serpstat is another research tool for searching keywords that was discovered in 2019. This tool helps us identify and identify key keywords.
The Serpstat tool shows us the following details:

•Search volume or search volume (Search volume)
•Cost per Click (CPC)
•Keyword difficulty score
You can search by or Yandex based on your country. The section contains results on the difficulty of the keywords that show the top 10 web pages that are ranked, along with page rank, outbound links, and referrer domains. If you want to rate a word rating, this kind of information can be very useful. For words in PPC , the SERPstat keywords page shows all the domains that are being advertised for your keywords. One of the things that is unusual is a list of the best tools for researching keywords. Serpstat is used to research the keywords of small businesses, create new links and develop a strategic platform.
Serpstat gives you free information to register, but it costs $ 19 a month.
To access the Serpstat tool, refer to this link .
General Discussion / What is Different Personal website and Corporate Website
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Questions like "Can Half-Sessional Sites Be Like Featured Sites in Top Sites?" What kind of site is suitable for us based on what business we have? "Usually, it's one of the first questions ever asked by an individual at the beginning of the work before designing a site from experts in design firms. In this article we try to answer most of these questions with a brief overview. First you need to know about the differences between your personal, corporate and grocery sites. In the following, the difference between the site and the corporate site will be explained to you by the definition of each one.

Shopping sites
The store sites are almost the most complete type of site. Apart from standard features such as product and service gallery, about us, contacts and news, it is possible to connect to a bank and can sell products and services. Customers can use their own services, such as customer clubs, line prices, discounts, etc., according to their needs. Every shopping website should be mobile friendly and so easy can targeted web trafficto their business and boost their real website visitors.

To this end, you can identify your site according to your basic needs and achieve the desired result by paying the right amount.
We will look at the difference between proprietary and semi-specific sites based on the standards of the company.

Personal sites
Personal Sites are sites designed to introduce a specific person. In these types of sites there is usually a person's resume, images, portfolio in different fields, as well as the option "Call me". As a standard, in my contact section there is a section for entering the email and first name and last name as well as the contact number that the visitor can contact the site administrator by entering this information. Individual sites can be more in line with the wishes of the individual, but the implementation of these facilities in the dedicated designs, which we will continue to address, can be implemented.

Corporate sites
Corporate sites are usually used to provide sample products and services. On corporate sites, the goal is not to sell products and services, but simply to introduce them. Connecting to a bank port is not a feature of corporate sites. Corporate sites usually introduce product and portfolio services and galleries. One of the important parts of the corporate sites of the "About Us" section is the resume of the company. Companies can add additional facilities to their needs based on their needs.

Proprietary sites
Exclusive sites are sites that are graphically designed before starting to write, and the employer can check all the details of the site and go into the ideal layout with the set graphist, and after completing the complete approval from the client, the project enters the coding step.

But on semi-specific sites, design is based on per-designed templates, and the employer cannot change all details. In these types of contracts, after talking with the employer, several designs related to the type of work and person's tastes are sent. The employer can get the desired design by choosing the desired design as well as submitting the content and color of the organization and the logo. Semi-specific sites can also function properly. Consider growing your business with US State Targeted Website Traffic to reach prospects in your most desired geographies. Just keep in mind that if you are looking to upgrade your site in the future and are thinking of developing your own Internet business, it's best to use dedicated designs. The development of semi-specific sites in most cases is not feasible and can be problematic for a person in the future. In some cases, site owners will have to pay a surplus for redesign.
Making the design of the homepage easy to see is very important. However, it is even more important to have more people visit the homepage. In other words, if there is no use to browse, the existence value of the homepage is equal to zero.

How do you do it to increase the inflow from various sites to the home page ( Targeted website Traffic)?

Conventional SEO ( search engine optimization), but was the mainstream, now in the search engine flows and direct flows from the SNS not only ( URL such as Enter the direct reach to the site inflow), various traffic channels exist You It’s a perennial challenge for Web marketers to find out how to channel home pages from any channel to increase influx . So, this time, I will introduce 21 methodologies for raising traffic on the website.

1. Create attractive content
The era of doing SEO measures with just a hand is over, and now more and more companies are focusing on and interested in content marketing. However, in that case, the content to be prepared is interesting in the content, if it is not useful, it is not diffused by SNS, and it is the fact that it is not easily connected to the result of the top display at the time of search ....... It is important to start with an attractive title to create attractive content. Users are scrolling through a search engine and social media submission feeds and is skipping the stream to look at the next title.
So, it's important to have an attractive title or a subtitle that detracts from the gaze that complements it. One thing to watch out for is the existence of a title called 'fishing’. The title is fine, but if the content is poor, the user will leave the home page as soon as it is revealed. In a word, it will be in the form of giving a negative image. Just the opposite, if the content is very rich, original and interesting, traffic will increase. If the content is worth sharing, the user will spread on their own.

2. Prepare your free front-end content
Let's check again what is written there to share blogs and websites.
It is generally said that it is important to deliver interesting and useful content regularly. User company's promotion does not mean it is interested in and measures, such content to "to react" let's once again understand that is enjoying. And, please do not put "price tag" on the content with pull. Visited the home page, such as the first time visit user case of, it is difficult to determine whether there is a value to the information on the spot, please think that it is less interested in the information itself. If there is free content that pulls in on the website, you can increase your engagement with the website, and as a result, you can encourage users to take the next action.

3. Communication in good faith
User because the sensitivity to the information literacy has come up year after year, the user is passing a sloppy information blog and sincere blog divided snuff, the result of sloppy information of the blog will continue to be weeded out. If you take the time to create valuable information, you will want to share and comment on your experiences and opinions.

4. Conduct a questionnaire
User What kind of information and content if you do not know whether you want to have, it is also one of them to date because carry out a questionnaire survey. By further carrying out the questionnaire, the user is not only whether they want to do, live in where that user, if it is interested in what, hate things will be as can be seen up to something. You can directly ask questions and ask the user for their opinions, but it is also one of the methods to conduct an interesting quiz and ask the user for casual opinions while solving the mystery. Publicizing the results is also a reason for users to revisit. These measures are very useful because they can be used by regular users on homepages and blogs, as well as non- users.

5. Use videos effectively
Just as you can see on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram feeds every day, videos are more eye-catching than images. However, there is still a difference between simply pasting videos into posts and marketing with effective videos. For example, the following methods are effective to make effective use of the contents of the video. This alone should greatly change the ease of spreading.

6. Do not give issue date
It is also a good idea to take a strategy not to post the date you posted the blog, depending on the time and the case, or depending on the taste of the person. The reason is that most users are looking for as fresh information as possible, not because they are looking for information that is years old, and it is an effective tool when updating frequency is not so high. Also, in the case of posts that summarize the methodology and techniques, not articles that require immediacy such as news articles, it is highly universal, and it may not be a big issue when it was written. Is also valid. Of course, removing the publication date from your blog doesn't make the real website traffic magically high. If it still makes no sense to post the issue date, you may be willing to try it.

7. strategic domain to acquire the
The title of the blog post is, of course, important.
However, there are also things that need to be considered before that. That is to decide the domain of the blog. Of course, it is better to decide strategically than to decide the blog domain properly.
As short as possible, easy to remember, a pull domain in, has not been used already in the competitive domain you need to choose. It is also recognized in a domain that has already been established as a brand like Google ( in the case of Google), but if you don’t, remember as much as possible with common words It would be easy (for example, in the case of an auction, enter the string auction). In the case of the domain where the brand name and the general noun are combined, it is easy to recall the brand even when the brand spreads to some extent, and it helps to convey what home page the general noun is otherwise.

8. Write clear and attractive beginnings
The important part next to the site domain and blog post title is the opening part. The first part is like a pilot on a plane and plays an important role in determining the direction in which potential readers go by reading blogs. If you can laugh the reader at the beginning part if, the home page is a whole or writer can give the impression that you are interesting. Alternatively, if you ask questions in the opening part, you can give the impression that the homepage or writer is witty. Also, if you are troubled with the title, you can use the following techniques. However, the pattern of the title will be formalized if you use only such a way of giving a title, so let's just refer to it in case of trouble.

9. Tag an article
Many of the blog vendor (blog the service provides the system), tag with you can do. However, even if you can do tagging, few may be able to do tagging correctly. Correct tagging will not only make it easier for search engines to pick you up as keywords, but it will also improve UX. In addition, a tag that is performed correctly, the user will be easier to find the old post in the relevant information. However, what you want to keep in mind is that you want to decide in advance what tags to add before creating your submission. As you will come to mind later, if you add more tags, you will not be for the user or the search engine. Focus on keywords that are as frequent as possible and make strategic tagging with a few smart.

10. Write on time and day when traffic is easy to release
It is a difficult part, but not only the content of the article decides everything. In fact, the timing of posting is also very important. So how do you find out when and where the traffic is likely to come out? How do you find out where and when to buy traffic? The best way is to check the Google Analytics Visitor Report. Once you find the day when you can attract the most customers, you can extend access without changing the number of weekly posts. On the other hand, if there is an update on the website or a change in the specifications, it is best to do it during the least accessible hours of the day with the least traffic.
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