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Ways to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2019

Let me start by defining targeted email marketing from the old. Years ago, when I used the Yahoo Mail service (the same as our Yahoo Mail), whenever I saw an email from a stranger in my inbox, I was surprised at where this person sent me my email and why he sent me an email! Most of the time due to the lack of fear and fear of hackers!!! I quickly erased the email and even saved them as spam, but today I'm indifferent away from 90% of these unfamiliar emails because I know there's no content other than discount, product introduction, and suggestions.

In the past, it's important for you to see an email from an individual or anonymous company in your inbox and ask yourself who this person is, what is the content of his email and why he sent you this email? If you still have not found the answer to these questions, then you do not know what marketing email is and should I say that your email address has been used for email marketing.

Since the introduction of the Internet to the world to this day, email has been an essential tool for businesses. One of the goals of using email for a business, email marketing or better is Email Marketing. Most of the anonymous and spam emails we all receive (which contain various suggestions on this product and that service) are good examples of email marketing in the worst way; it's the closing of the contact with email without particle thinking. Since the cost of sending email does not cost much, the owner of the business sends a small amount of money to buy one or more emails and begins to send spam emails: " Take the interesting product just for the price of Rails! " Sometimes even the same email will be sent to unsuccessful people on the email list! The result of this process is nothing but harassing individuals and damaging the reputation of targeted email advertising

In this article and its subsequent chapters (you thought you were reading this chapter, a fake storyline!) I intend to restore Email Marketing and give the right to comment on this good communication / promotional tool so that readers of these articles At the end of the study, they will know what marketing email is, why it matters to a business, when and why they go for email marketing, whom they want to target their email marketing, how to set up an email marketing campaign, and most importantly, With the tools of the world's e-mail marketing, you will get to know the automation of the email and the analysis of the results of the campaigns.

So, if you want to learn the full and principle of one of the marketing methods, namely Email Marketing,
The position of Email Marketing, based on the principles and definitions of marketing, is one of the digital marketing sub-markets (digital marketing itself is considered a direct marketing line).

Digital Marketing Diagram: Different Digital Marketing Techniques

Email is a completely flexible tool that can accommodate a wide range of content: text, photos, video, links, files. E-mails are compatible with any message the marketer wants to send, and in any way, he wishes to send the message. So, it's not surprising that some marketers, especially in the USA, are not familiar with the nature of email marketing, they use it as a tool and just spend marketing,

We do not allow email marketing to be an effective way of staying in touch with customers, as well as promoting and promoting business, but it's not as easy as that. Let me tell you the history of email marketing to begin with, because I believe that knowing the history of taking steps that are not mistaken is very important in order to know what the marketing email is (also in order to get to know about it).
Timeline or marketing timeline

The Birth of Email Marketing - The 70s

In 1978, Gary Toureck of the Digital Equipment Organization (DEC) sent the first mass mail to nearly 400 potential clients through ARPANET. The result of sending these bulk emails, a $ 13 million DEC sales, was to find out the potential for mass mail marketing, as well as to name Twitter as "the world's spam father ". Email from the same time, she introduced herself as an effective channel for direct marketing.

"In fact, I consider myself the father of email marketing, not spam, the two are different. E-spam means sending unsolicited emails to a non-qualified list of recipients. In analogy, Email Marketing focuses on a targeted list of people who are into the product, the service or information that you are sending is interesting to you. " Tiger Bombardment Mass Mail - The 90s

By the late 1990s, direct marketing was more frequent by post or telephone, though both methods were very expensive, postage due to the cost of sending, printing, and designing postal content; and the telephone due to call and labor costs.

In 1991, with the introduction of the Internet, lifestyle, work, and even, the style of playing people changed. For marketers around the world, a new window was opened for mass communication. When Hotmail was launched as the first free webmail service, marketers gave a completely new way to customer relationship because before that, email was only available to students and staff. Free access to an email address transforms direct marketing and reduces costs considerably.

By expanding the email as an effective way to communicate directly with the customer, one-on-one marketers drove the marketing train straight away, and the mailboxes of the users began to be filled with unwanted messages. It was necessary to lay down rules to protect users against spam.
The first law was laid down in 1998, whereby all emails sent to Email Marketing required an opt-out (a method by which the user refused to receive unwanted emails containing information, products, and services).

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