Author Topic: 10 Ways to Increase Google Ranking and Increase Web Traffic  (Read 283 times)


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1- Google AdWords Ads and social networks are one of the ways to increase website traffic.

2- In social networks to be active. Share your website content on social networks with a link and share the right hashtags. If your business is a company with the company, we suggest using Twitter (twitter) and google + (google +), and if your business is a company with a client, Pinterest and Instagram.

3- There are no specific formulas and standards for the success of content marketing, even if some believe it. So, set the length and format of the content to attract the audience. Short posts based on blog posts with long content, news blogs, as well as high quality videos and high-quality infographics can also be effective.

4- Use attractive and engaging headlines for website content.

5- Do not forget the targeted email marketing. Collecting useful emails from site users is one of the effective ways to create a healthy traffic to the website.

6- Use targeted keywords on your site. You can use to select the appropriate keywords

7- Contrary to the opinion of some who believe that other anonymous or guest blogging time has passed, it's still a way to create traffic on the website. You just have to create a blog on one of the blogging systems and start writing and linking to your website. Keep in mind that guest blogging standards have changed fundamentally over the past eighteen months, and spam tactics can lead to heavy fines.

8- Ask others to comment on your blog. Comment below posts like double-sided street. As you write under the content of others in blogs or forums, ask them to visit your website and comment on your blog section.

9- Organic Traffic
Targeted organic traffic is one of the factors that Google Analytics provides and refers to the statistics of your site visits through other links. If the intended visit is indirectly linked to the web site by using links on other sites (including banners, etc.), the visit statistics for which they are calculated refer to the referral traffic will be. Try to make a lot of links to your website.

10- Optimize site pages for search engines.
- Define alt for photos
- Create internal links - Define the
content of the Meta description site
for a little time and feel the effects at a time not far away.